Dangers of a faulty Boiler

Boilers make our homes tick. They are like an engine, running and working constantly in the background. Mostly forgotten and hidden, most of us are guilty in neglecting their maintenance, and are unaware of the possible dangers a lack of upkeeping them can pose.

In the UK, landlords must ensure that boilers in their properties are serviced and safe. It is a legal requirement that could lead to prosecution if neglected. It isn’t a legal requirement for home owners, and with our busy schedules, many of us forget or in some cases don’t see any reason to service our boilers.

We only remember when something goes terribly wrong; the boiler starts leaking, breaks down, begins making noises. At which point you would most likely need an emergency boiler engineer, if the problem can’t wait.

A faulty boiler can be dangerous in some cases.

Here are the top 2 reasons why you should have your boiler serviced:

Reason 1: Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer. Approximately 50 people die every year in the UK due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is released from faulty and unsafe gas appliances. The most common one being your boiler.

You can’t see it, making it much harder to detect. That’s why you should have a Gas Safe Engineer service your boiler at least once a year.

Reason 2: Warranty

If you neglect in taking care of your boiler, you could possibly avoid the warranty (customer negligence). And whatever you do – do not try to repair the boiler yourself. We have had customers do this in the past. In one instance they had damaged the boiler by doing so, avoiding their warranty in the process. 


Those are the top 2 reasons why you should have your boiler serviced. Don’t put yourself and your family at risk. If you suspect a fault, please call an emergency boiler engineer as soon as possible.

Here are some signs that your boiler may be faulty:

  1. Black stains on the boiler or near the boiler
  2. Condensation in room where boiler is located
  3. Leaks

If you are looking to get your boiler serviced, please call your local plumber in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Worcester or Swindon.