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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an emergency plumber?

An emergency plumber is a plumber that drops what they are doing and comes to you in the shortest possible time to ratify your plumbing emergency. They can come to you as quickly as 30 minutes or less. Most aim to stay open 24 hours too.

How much does an emergency plumber cost?

Emergency plumbing and normal plumbing rates are different. The cost of an emergency plumber will depend on where you live, the market value, time of day, holidays, and other factors. It is best to call and check the prices before you call an emergency plumber out.

How much does an after hours plumber cost?

An after hours plumber is just another phrase for an emergency plumber. The cost of an after hours plumber will yet again depend on many variables, the most important being the location, market value, time, and holidays. Every company will have different prices. Ours is £125 call out plus £125 for first hour.

Are plumbers in demand?

Plumbers are in high demand in the United Kingdom according to national statistics. With the uncertainty surrounding the aftermath of Brexit, there is a possibility that the UK will face an even larger shortage of plumbers and other tradesmen. Is plumbing a good career path at this moment in time? Definitely.  

Do plumbers work weekends?

Most plumbers do not work on weekends. Some do and they schedule you in. But emergency plumbers are available on weekends and evenings. So if you need an urgent plumber, you can always call an emergency plumber, even on a weekend. Ours work weekends.

Do plumbers charge a call out fee?

If you pre-book a job with a normal plumber, in most cases they will not charge a call out fee. But emergency plumbers do. Some emergency plumbers that don’t charge a call out fee actually add the fee inside the hourly rate. So technically, they still charge. We charge a call out fee but we will tell you this over the phone.

What is considered a plumbing emergency?

There are several things that are considered a plumbing emergency. Water leaking through the ceiling is definitely an emergency. If not fixed, the ceiling could collapse. Burst pipes can potentially flood your home and cause thousands in damage. So call an emergency plumber asap in such incidents.

How much does a 24 hour plumber cost?

A 24 hour plumber is an emergency plumber that operates 24 hours a day. Expect to pay much higher prices during the evening and night. But costs will depend on where you live, market value, time and other variables.

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